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Supermarket Labels is an industry leader offering high-quality customized and stock labels and related products to more than 5,000 customers across the country. We’ve been servicing distributors and grocery professionals for forty years with an extensive selection of label products, backed by full customer support. Our in-house design and print capabilities -- combined with experienced professionals and field personnel -- answer each store’s specific labeling needs while providing simple, effective merchandising solutions.

Supermarket Labels – a subsidiary of Bollin Label Systems -- didn’t exactly develop overnight; it evolved over 100 years. It all began in 1912 when Gilly Bollin opened his neighborhood grocery store in Toledo, Ohio. Since that time, the Bollin family has worked hard and smart in a variety of ways to service supermarket professionals.

Local grocer leads expansion into supermarket shopping. Gilly revolutionized grocery shopping in Northwest Ohio by being the first to outfit his store with shopping carts, first introduced by Piggly Wiggly. He wanted his customers to be able to select their own merchandise without assistance from a sales clerk. Employing shopping carts increased sales dramatically and allowed consumers to purchase a variety of products, not just food items. Large and small competitors alike quickly jumped on the cart—or, band wagon.

Distribution and diversification meet demand. Gilly and his wife and seven children all worked in the store at one time or another. Sons Jerry and Harry Bollin oversaw the business until 1968. Then Jerry founded Bollin Distributing Company, which distributed Bissell Shampoo Products to Toledo-area grocers. Responding to the wide variety of pricing systems retailers used, the company diversified services to better satisfy customers’ needs by adding labels, tags, and label guns to its product distribution.

Family builds label business serving 5,000 nationwide. As Jerry and his children expanded its offering of labels and related products, Bollin Distributing became Bollin Label Systems. The company now manufactures, as well as distributes, its own labels. Its sophisticated Graphic Art Department and in-house printing capabilities provide customers with a wide range of eye-catching stock and customized labels, coupons, scale labels, merchandising labels, and sign cards, as well as a host of price guns and labels.